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“We want to thank you for doing such a great job representing us. How lucky I was to have found you.” E.M., client in a dental anesthesia injury case.

“Thank you again for the outstanding service and professionalism you provided throughout this case. You are truly a Godsend.” H.S., client in a dental nerve injury case.

“You did a terrific job representing your client and obtained a maximum value for her.” J.S., a mediator in a dental treatment case.

“Thank you for all your hard work. I am so thankful for you and appreciate your help.” L.A., client in a dental nerve injury case.

“Thank you for all you did for me.” B.A., client in a brain injury case.

“I thank you for your attention, expertise and genuine concern you gave me in handling my case and that you devoted in getting the best outcome possible.” J.S., a client in a wrongful death case.

“Dear Chip: Not a day or week goes by that I don’t thank you for restoring dignity to my family and letting it be known what happened to Buddy. You so helped us all through the grieving process. You’re an extraordinary attorney and a true credit to your profession. Not only did I feel our case in capable hands but your personal attention and care made an unbearable situation bearable. I hope that this letter finds its way to a potential client who’s contemplating your services. Let it be known that not only are they hiring a capable professional who knows his way around a court room, but one who won’t stop until it’s right and every stone’s been overturned. They are hiring a gentleman and a professional who cares beyond what’s in a law book. As years go by, my memories of your care won’t dim. Thank you.” Sincerely, Lawrence M., A client in a case involving the death of his brother due to surgical malpractice.

“Mr. Thurston – I wanted to thank you so much for your help. I appreciated your time and the fact you were so approachable. That meant a lot to me and Janie was wonderful. She’s certainly a great asset to you.” Thanks again, Dorothy E., A client in a personal injury automobile wreck case.

“Chip, just wanted to thank you again for taking my case, treating me kindly, and being honest with me. I really appreciate your time and effort, and am satisfied with the outcome. I will keep you in mind for referrals in the future.” Thanks again, and take care, Tracey D., A client in a dental malpractice case.

“Chip, Thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate it all and I really enjoyed getting to know you. Thanks.” Love, Linda F., A client in a serious back injury slip and fall case.

“Hope your holidays were great and all’s well with your family. Thanks again for all you’ve done and anything you can do for me. May God Bless You and please add me in your prayers.” Thanks again, Julia S., A client in a wrist/rotator cuff personal injury case.

“Chip, A day doesn’t go by that I am not grateful for what you did for me.” Thanks! Merry Christmas Bradley A., A client in a catastrophic brain injury/seat belt defect case.

“Chip, it was so thoughtful of you to write inquiring about Mark. We have thought of you many times. We firmly believe that we are way ahead than we would have been had if not been for your valiant efforts in our behalf allowing Mark that extra time in the hospital. You and others there went beyond the call of duty in effort, concern and caring, and we will forever be grateful. We wish for you a Blessed Holiday Season.” James and Mary P., Clients whose son was represented in an insurance benefits claim matter.

“Chip, with sincere appreciation for your kindness.” Folake O., M.D., A client in an insurance claim case who is also a physician.

“Dear Mr. C. Thurston: It was a pleasure meeting you. I sincerely appreciate you making the time to meet with me and giving me sound advice. Thank you very much for the same.” With best wishes and Regards, Anjali R., A client in a dental malpractice case.

“Thank you and I am very grateful to you for your service and consideration. You have been wonderful and I do appreciate your help so very much too. Thank you so much and I thank you for keeping in touch with me too.” Sincerely, Ms. Ollie O., A client in an insurance dispute.

“Chip, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of the work you put into the case. Our client received top quality representation from a superior trial lawyer – I am referring to you. Thank you again.” Best regards, Jed S., A lawyer who referred a client in an aviation injury case.

“Dear Mr. Thurston: Please accept my thanks for the kind and informative time you shared with my friend Anjali R. yesterday evening. It was especially gracious that you were there late in the evening so that both of our schedules could coincide to meet with you as she was very uncertain of meeting an American lawyer. To that point, especially, I would like to direct my specific gratitude as the image she has of lawyers in this country is significantly ameliorated by your directness. Rest assured that my legal needs of which I am aware in the future for anyone I know in Atlanta will be referred confidentially to your offices.” John R. G., Ph.D., A doctor referring a client in an oral surgery case.